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At Teen Money Machine™, we believe that today's youth are capable of so much more than mowing lawns and babysitting.  Our youth need to be confident, ready to take command and run a profitable business in today’s ever-changing digital world.

They can be Opinion Leaders, Influencers, Course Creators, Brand Ambassadors, Community Managers, and so much more.  But first we recommend they develop and practice some basic "Information Age" skills.
Information Products continue to rank among the fastest growing sectors in the digital economy.  Knowing how to quickly storyboard a new info product and bring it to market is a great way to future proof your skills and education.
The ability to make and edit instructional videos is a must in today's marketing environment.  Each year, billions of dollars in value is left untapped simply because talented people didn't have the necessary technical skills to create what they wanted to create.
Website design has evolved significantly from even just 5 years ago.  Today you need to understand basic marketing funnels, lead generation, calls to action.  While we can't cover everything within the scope of this class, we give our students the basics.
"Content isn't King, It's the Kingdom."  - Lee Odden

What Is Teen Money Machine?

Teen Money Machine™ is a modern Entrepreneur Curriculum to teach youth, ages 8-18, how to build Information Products and then make money using proven Sales Techniques and Digital Marketing

Curated from the teachings of over 100 Entrepreneur Authors, Speakers and Coaches, our goal was to summarize these lessons to be age appropriate and highly engaging.

To do that, we focus on these 3 things:

#1: Simple - While there is work involved, we carefully break down complex problems into step-by-step, easy to follow instructions.  We provide detailed worksheets and online templates to assist with graphic design and digital production.

#2: Fun - Our instructors are youth or youth speakers with experience teaching teens.  We use humor and real-life success stories, to keep our students entertained, engaged and motivated.

#3: Rewarding - Ultimately, the satisfaction of completing these assignments is magnified by the financial rewards of creating something of value and finding people who want to buy it.  It is the express goal of this class for each student, by the end of Module 12, to have earned more than the cost of the class.  

The course is laid out in 12 Modules, but you have the freedom to go at your own pace.  Some go through it in 12 weeks, others complete it all in a month and get out there and start making sales

Your teen will gain knowledge and skills that they will use throughout the rest of their lives.  They will gain increased confidence, communication skills, and courage to step out of their comfort zone and try new things.  They'll be excited about their ability to create real value in the world.

While these are great skills to learn regardless, the income potential is a great motivator. 

Hear from past students and their satisfied parents...
Multi-Millionaire and Parent of Teens, Dustin McKay, explains why he enrolled his own kids in the class.

Meet the Team Behind the Teen Money Machine

Mosiah Peavoy - CEO / Mentor
Mosiah is passionate about the success of others.  He strives to lead by example, focused on becoming his best self and encouraging his peers to do the same.  He hopes to inspire a generation of youth who understand the importance of personal accountability. 
Ezra Peavoy - Mentor

Ezra believes in the inherent value of every individual.  His goal is to help others recognize their own worth and infinite potential.  He hopes to be the change he wants to see in the world through compassion and empathy.
Liam Peavoy - Mentor

Liam understands the importance of hard work, but also the benefits of working smart.  By teaching youth the power of information products and digital marketing, Liam hopes to elevate the thinking of those he mentors to expand their influence.
Hyrum & Obi Peavoy

As members of the Advisory Board, Hyrum and Obi support the CEO and prepare for their role as future mentors.  They are grateful for the legacy of leadership their brothers have built and hope to continue to bless the lives of others for years to come.
Bill Peavoy - Mentor/Advisor

With over 25 years experience as a Business Coach, Public Speaker and Mentor of Youth, Bill now focuses on passing the torch and seeing his sons shine in their roles as Mentors and Value Creators, while ensuring that the products and education quality rank world-class. 
Kym Peavoy - Mentor/Advisor

As a certified Marriage and Family Life Educator, Kym leverages the power of clinical research into the practical lessons taught in the TMM curriculum.  As a homeschooling mother of 9, she understands the potential of the rising generation.
We've Got Bonuses...
As if a class that will more than pay for itself was not enough, we're interested in more than just our student's financial success.  Our mission is to inspire Teens to a higher standard of personal mastery.  For a limited time, all students who register for the Teen Money Machine Masterclass will also receive...
Bonus #1: Unlock Your Teen's Potential
Tools and Templates for personal excellence, adapted from great classics like, Think and Grow Rich, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, The Slight Edge and others.  Many of our students say that this alone is worth the price of the class.

Total Value: $250.00

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Bonus #2: Proactive Intrepreneurship
While the idea of being your own boss is quite enticing, there are many situations where we find ourselves working for someone else.  Through a higher level of personal accountability, we can learn to thrive through the principles of Proactive Intrepreneurship.

Total Value: $250.00

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Bonus #3: The 1st 4 Modules of our  "Safe Intro to Crypto" Course
Kids are already hearing about "Crypto" and "NFTs" and we provide a safer way to learn to recognize and protect themselves against the potential scams and frauds while gaining more understanding about the legitimate investment opportunities.  With the fast approaching technologies of Blockchain, the MetaVerse, Web3 and Smart Contracts, teens need to stay informed.

Total Value: $500.00

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Bonus #4: Millionaire
We interviewed 3 Multi-Millionaires who have teenagers and we asked them to share with us Entrepreneurial lessons that they teach to their own teens.  In addition, we interviewed a Teen who is building a business, all by himself, currently valued at over $35 Million.  The advice in these interviews is priceless, but if they had billed out their time, their mentoring would easily exceed...

Total Value: $1,500.00

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More Testimonials...

"It's cool how you can do such amazing things when you have the right mindset."
Tiago R
"It's a great way to earn money!  I'm so excited because this answers so many questions." 
Pete M
[After speaking at a Conference where we taught these principles]:  "Thank you so much for being one of my favorite all-time keynote speakers at the conference on Saturday! We were thrilled to have you and I loved meeting your boys as well."
Tammy W
"I love that the class repeatedly encourages the kids to use the first money they earn to pay their parents back for the cost of the class.  I know my son appreciated what he was learning more, because ultimately, he was paying for it." 
Kathryn P
  • The "Teen Money Machine" Course ($797.00 Value)
  • Our "Unlock Your Teen's Potential" Mini-Course ($250.00 Value)
  • ​The "Proactive Intrepreneurship" Module ($250.00 Value)
  • 4 Modules of our "Safe Intro to Crypto" Course ($500.00 Value)
  • 3 "Millionaire Interviews" with loads of Great Advice ($1,500.00 Value)

Total Value: $3,297.00
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Fast Action Bonus:  Leverage the Power of A.I. 
A.I. if used correctly, can be a powerful tool for digital product creation.  Using A.I. to understand how to serve our clients well and help deliver world-class results is a skill everyone is going to need to learn or they are quickly going to become uncompetitive.

Total Value: $250.00

Get This for FREE When You Register for the Teen Money Machine Masterclass Today!

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